Travel issue

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ILIT-10 <br>-<br> Travel issue

Seven illustrated trips on the cover story to feed the eyes and plan a vacation. Real or imaginary trips, by foot or in the waves, on the top of the mountain and through a tango.

Valerio Vidali
- Story of a journey and an unwritten relationship
Matteo Nucci - Gabriele Pino
- Ikaria island and the legend of Icarus
Owen Delaney
- Cardinal points of running
Guido Scarabottolo
- It sometimes happens...
ILIT editorial office
- Marseille. Rough and restless, as only a great mediterranean port can be
Paolo Cognetti
- Pastore dove vai. Il ragazzo selvatico
Giulia Mirandola
- No longer, not yet. Drawings of uninhabitated houses

Guido Scarabottolo
Simone Massoni
Gabriele Pino
Michele Bruttomesso